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Priceless in Uxbridge Cast of Characters 3
Ben Harrison Mark Chapman Toby Hamilton-Jones Fiona Macintosh Russian Client Daniel Applebey Fine Art Auction Guests

Ben Harrison (12)


A smart kid with a positive spirit. He struggles with big changes but learns to adapt and blossom in his new world.

Mark Chapman (38)

Investment Banker

A New Yorker on secondment from Wall Street. He makes up his own rules and is used to taking or buying what he wants.

Toby Hamilton-Jones (38)

Fine art auctioneer

A distinctive voice and a commanding, yet relaxed attitude have carried him to the very top of the auction business.

Fiona Macintosh (38)


This strong willed redhead from the Highlands has made it in the tough and ruthless regional auction circuit.

Russian Client (27)

Art collector

She's a chic, strong and arrogant young woman who prefers Mayfair to Moscow and Moët to vodka.

Daniel Applebey (48)


The voice of authority and gravitas on British television news. Anchorman and archetypal Englishman.

Fine Art Auction Guests

The European Elite

Impeccably groomed, obsessive about art and fabulously wealthy.

Paul Wallace Harry Youngman Paddy O'Bryant Margaret Hill Wendy Burstyn Corporal Goraknah Stefan Reiznik

Paul Wallace (38)


A professional driver with a warm, soft Scottish accent. He used to drive Charles - now he takes care of Edward.

Harry Youngman (54)


Harry takes his responsibilities seriously and has known Elliot for a long time.

Paddy O'Bryant (38)

Police Officer

A soft Irish exterior conceals a totally hardened and uncompassionate heart.

Margaret Hill (38)


Knows her job and still genuinely cares about people after 20-years nursing them back to health.

Wendy Burstyn (34)


She has the morals of a journalist and never lets the truth get in the way of a good story.

Corporal Goraknah (29)

British Army Soldier

A Gurkha, serving with 1st Battalion The Yorkshire Regiment.

Stefan Reiznik (46)


Well-dressed, cool and efficient.