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Priceless in Uxbridge Cast of Characters 2
Asif SIngh Elliot Armstrong Stuart Hudson Cath McGrath Timothy Grant Asif Singh

Asif Singh (50)

Property dealer

The kind of guy to spend £250k on a number plate, 'MR 51NGH'. He brokered the deal with Angie and he's not going to give her an inch. He expects his artistic son, Jay, to toe the line. Slightly scary.

Elliot Armstrong (60)


Elliott was a known artist until he had a stroke that damaged his eyesight. He now sees in black-and-white. Only. Divorced, depressed, he gets into trouble with the law. He finds a role as Drew's guide.

Stuart Hudson (45)

Dealer in objets d'art

Stu went to art college but he's had to resort to wheeling and dealing since then to support his family in Nottingham. His trading empire is based in a Portakabin in North Kensington. He's into art, so long as he converts it to cash. He joins Drew's team and his cynicism wanes.

Cath McGrath (36)

Freelance photographer

Cat was abused by her husband and then she gets beaten up in Uxbridge by hoodies. Her self-worth is at an all-time low until she finds a new path with the others.

Timothy Grant (32)


Tim was a war correspondent in Afghanistan and got his leg blown off. He joins Drew's team. Like the others he goes from a blighted world to a new frontier. He's seen a lot in his years and now keeps his demons at bay with vodka and the blues.

Jay Singh (23)

Jay's father, Asif, wants him to run properties but Jay's more interested in art. That's why he's drawn to Drew's art group. Jay grows up fast and teaches his father there's more to life than money.