In China, the lion is regarded as the king of the forests and of the other animals.

The lion has long been used as a symbol of power and grandeur and is even believed to offer protection from evil spirits. This is why imposing statues of lions are placed at the gates of imperial palaces, official residences, temples and tombs.

These are also the reasons why many smaller items - both personal and official - such as incense burners and imperial seals are decorated with carved lions.

Welcome to Analyse Risk. Born out of the 2008 Global Financial Credit Crisis, we are a new and unique company set up to inform and warn investors of the risks embedded in their investment portfolios. We are independent from all other financial institutions, wealth managers and independent financial advisors (IFAs). As such we are free to give our clients an independent, objective and fair assessment of their financial risk.

As professional Risk Managers with over 30 years’ experience, we have come to realise that many investors are not fully aware of the financial risks embedded in their portfolios and consequently, many have lost considerable wealth due to a lack of risk management expertise. Analyse Risk has been formed to redress this problem by providing investors with a complementary service to financial and wealth advisors by offering a detailed assessment of the risks associated with our clients investments. By understanding these risks, we are able to help our clients protect the wealth they have worked so hard to build up over the years.

Our team has spent many years developing tools, techniques and methods to help control and mitigate financial and operational risk at some of the world’s largest investment banks and financial institutions. These techniques are not just applicable to banking and high finance. They are just as relevant to an individual with a $500 post office savings account as they are to an investor with a $50 million multi-asset portfolio. Few institutions and advisors are able to offer their clients individual detailed risk and portfolio analysis on an on-going basis:

  1. Their systems are not capable of offering a tailored analysis across the entire spectrum of individuals’ assets that are unique and often held across multiple institutions.

  2. They can never be truly independent; both selling financial products to clients and advising on the risk of those same products presents an obvious conflict of interest.

  3. Active risk management is not a black box process or computer generated output. Expertise is required to both understand and explain the implications of any analysis as well as how financial risks evolve over time.

Our company aims to bring our clients closer to a deeper understanding of their portfolios by helping them understand what products they are invested in, the true risks attached (including fee’s), and how their portfolio is likely to act in different market conditions regardless of size or complexity. No client is too small. Our goal is to put investment bank risk intelligence on the side of the everyday public investor in a manner that is simple and can easily be understood.