This lion sits on on a decorative panel from a Persian palace dating from 550 BC.

The lion is featured in several fables of the sixth century BC Greek storyteller Aesop and continues to feature in modern literature, from the messianic Aslan in The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe to the comedic Cowardly Lion in The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.

One of the most iconic and widely recognised lions is Leo the Lion, which has been the mascot for Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer (MGM) studios since the 1920s.

From the 1960s, possibly the most famous lioness of all time is Elsa in the movie Born Free. Today, a lion appears on the 50-rand South African banknote.

As experienced risk managers we recognise the importance of one aspect of risk that is all too frequently forgotten and that is independence. Independence is crucial for an objective assessment of risk. Wealth management companies, financial advisors, and fund managers can all provide at least rudimentary risk advice but unless that advice is independent of performance and/or sales to the client then it can be flawed. By obtaining an independent risk assessment from professional risk managers, our clients can readily assess the risks they run and make informed judgments on how best to manage those risks with peace of mind. Our services include:

Portfolio and risk analysis
Most financial institutions and advisors do not provide fully comprehensive details of their client portfolios due to lack of systems capability and transparency. Analyse Risk provides bespoke portfolio and risk analysis tailored to any individual’s portfolios and investments. The product we offer is a simple report specifically designed to capture and explain the entire spectrum of financial risk embedded in our clients’ portfolios. The report is largely narrative in nature and so is very easy to understand.

Our analysis and reporting service offers you:

  1. Comprehensive risk analysis tailored to the individual no matter how complex, or for that matter, how simple the portfolio.

  2. An assessment which explains how the portfolio and individual assets would be likely to react in stressed market environments.

  3. Analysis of the fee structure of financial products and commitments and the impact over time.

  4. An easily readable risk report explaining in detail the risks associated with any financial portfolio.  We grade risk on a proprietary visual sliding scale to help quickly identify major risks and help our clients easily understand our findings.

  5. Face to face meetings to explain any particular areas of our findings in depth, as well as to answer any questions that may arise from the report.

Once a client of Analyse Risk, we offer ongoing support in the way of regular contact and periodic reporting including an “Emergency Report” which is sent to help our clients mitigate losses against impending financial crisis such as that recently experienced over the recent Global Credit Crises.

Client Advisory Services
While we have not traditionally given advice on investing in particular securities, due to popular demand Analyse Risk has started an advisory service for new and existing investors who are looking to understand the options available to them and the risks attached to these options. Today’s markets offer a bewildering array of financial products and services that are becoming increasingly more complicated. Our service aims of break down this complexity so our clients understand exactly what they are buying into, hidden fees and risks, and importantly, under what conditions these investments can go wrong. Our task is to help our clients avoid the usual pit falls of investing in retail and structured investment products typically sold through financial advisors and banking institutions. This service is unique and tailored to each individual regardless of investment size so please contact us for more information if you unsure as to a future investment decision. No investment is too small, there is no minimum charge and the first consultation is absolutely free.

Business Risk Analysis
We also measure, analyse, and quantify operational and business risk faced by companies in the course of doing business. We can independently assess specific issues, or entire business processes to help management make strategic, informed, and proactive decisions to help them mitigate or control specific risk factors. Our analysis is broad and covers everything from human resource issues to sales and marketing to cash flow at risk and financial analysis but is still importantly unique and bespoke. This service has high applicability to potential buyers of companies who are looking to get an independent view of the potential and hidden risks they would be committing to on purchase or partnership.