The lion is a common charge in heraldry. It traditionally symbolises bravery, valour, strength, and royalty, since traditionally, it is regarded as the king of beasts. 

A "lion rampant" is depicted in profile standing erect with forepaws raised. The position of the hind legs varies according to local custom: the lion may stand on both hind legs, braced wide apart, or on only one, with the other also raised to strike; in early blazon this is the most often favoured depiction of a carnivorous quadruped.

As independent Risk Managers, we provide a truly unique and independent service. Unlike banks, wealth managers, hedge funds, insurers and independent financial advisors we are completely detached from the investment process. However, with decades of focused experience in the area, we are also uniquely qualified to give an independent, objective and impartial assessment of the risks inherent in any financial portfolio.

We use our own proprietary mathematical and statistical models to deconstruct a portfolio or business into its various risk components. Using tools and techniques developed over many years we measure and monitor those risks and assess their relative impacts, regardless of complexity. Our output is a written report and client meeting which condenses and easily explains our findings in simple terms so our clients are left knowledgeable about any possible hidden risks to help them make informed decisions.

As an added service to portfolio analysis we place a high degree of emphasis on the fee structure of the financial products contained within a client portfolio.  A 2% up-front fee or a hidden annual charge of 1% may not sound like much but when these fees are compounded over the life of a typical pension, monthly stock accumulator, or long dated savings plan, the effect can be quite staggering and can drastically impact an investors’ future wealth and financial well-being.  There are many ways for financial institutions to impose hidden charges on clients including commissions, auto channeling deposits to lowest interest bearing account, switching charges and penalty fees for liquidating an investment, to name but a few.

For clients invested in mutual funds and other actively managed funds we also offer techniques used in behavioral finance and advanced statistical analysis to determine if fund managers within a client’s portfolio are behaving as expected.  Many managers suffer from style drift; initially they trade in a prudent sensible manner but over time their style changes and this can be accompanied by unexpected large losses or more commonly, underperformance. Our techniques allow us to determine which managers are behaving according to plan and those who aren’t.

At its heart, our service aims to clarify and simplify the often bewildering complication of retail investing by shedding light on important risk information that is often withheld, made unclear or left opaque to the everyday investor. We highlight and explain risks in a simplified manner to leave our clients knowledgeable and clear about their investments. By keeping our client base relatively small we offer a bespoke service tailored to the individual. Importantly this allows us to focus on and maintain long term relationships with our clients to help protect their wealth through the good times and most importantly, the not so good.